March 3rd, 2011

Rawr Bear!
  • jurann

Proposed Subscription Changes

So, now that recent drama issues have died down and we've had time to chew over the positive feedback that's come out of it, we are putting up a proposal for changes to the subscription (membership) system on FurBuy to better meet the requests of users from that exchange. As always, we'd like your feedback and opinions on this proposal, both good and bad. You can review the proposed changes and details at the following URL:

Also, please watch our new official Twitter for FurBuy:!/furbuy

The next big set of features we implement will likely be a new Message Center system which includes an Inbox, Outbox and the ability to send PMs to other users on the site, along with SMS support and the ability to redirect certain types of messages to any of the various formats (Pri E-mail, Sec E-mail, Inbox or SMS). Along with this, we will add the ability to "Watch" sellers and receive a notification whenever they post a new auction. We will likely post more about these features in the next couple weeks, once we've had time to develop the concepts a little further and put together a proposal for the community to review and give their feedback on. Thanks again for all your support, and don't hesitate to leave replies right here on this journal or contact us directly anytime. =)