Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

FurAffinity and FurBuy Join Forces!

     It's official. FurBuy and FurAffinity will be teaming-up to deliver auction services to the already powerful and well-used FurAffinity system. FA users will be able to display the live status of all their auctions right inside their FA profile, and likewise FA users will be linked back to from FurBuy. Additionally, FA will be getting a 100% co-branded auction server that looks, feels and ties into FurAffinity seemlessly, extending it's capabilities to post, list and bid on auctions right from within FA's site.

     This is a feature we can offer to any host or individual as well, either through Auction Injection for individuals or a full Co-branded Site for hosts and service providers. If you might be interested, please e-mail us at: furbuyis -at- furbuy -dot- com.
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