Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

Increased Restrictions Coming

     Just wanted to give folks a bit of an early heads-up about upcoming changes sometime in the month of November. Due to a lack of financial support on the site, we will be scaling back the amount of free features made available to non-contributing sellers on the site. We're hoping that this will help encourage certain users who make heavy use of the site and do a large volume of sales to convert their accounts to contributing memberships.
     Currently we are planning the following changes, these will ONLY affect free accounts: Number of free concurrent auctions will be reduced to 3 (down from 5), number of auctions per calendar month will be reduced to 6 (down from unlimited), number of art show auctions will be reduced to one at a time (down from 3), sales volume per calendar year will be limited to $400 determined by auction close prices (down from unlimited). We still want to support free users, but at the same time we want to ensure that those who are profiting well by using the site are also paying back into the system. The reasoning for the $400 per year limit is due to this amount being the US limit on money you can make before you are required to claim the sales on your taxes, and it's also a nice round number for which we can say, "If you made $400 from our site, then it's not a lot to ask you to buy a subscription at $18/yr, that's less than a 5% fee for what you've sold at that point."
     We've got a TON more features planned, but it's hardly worth investing the time and effort when we also have to foot the vast majority of the bill to keep the site running. Feedback and support from our users is what really motivates and drives us to improve the system, and that loyalty and encouragement is rewarded with more features and expanded functionality on the system. Many of you have already contributed by becoming a member, but we need more support from your friends and fans and advertisements for your projects, websites and other artists. Thanks again for everyone's input and consideration, we're hoping for many years to come!

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