Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

New Restrictions In Place

The restrictions we talked about previously are now in place. Free account holders are now limited to $400.00 in sales per calendar year on FurBuy. Along with this we are also now able to calculate the total sales volume by seller, by bidder, and for the entire system. You may be interested to know that so far in 2011 FurBuy has helped people sell over $236,000 in goods or services. That's nearly a quarter million bucks!

Now, it would be nice to get just a small fraction of that back from our loyal community in order to help pay for the site. It gives the admin team who normally pays for the site out of their pockets more money to spend on buying new art (hint hint) and gives us more motivation to continue bringing new improvements and features to you guys. So please dig a little and help support us buy purchasing a contributing membership, it's only $18 for a whole year (that's only $1.50 per month!) and helps us out a whole lot.

We also have no ad banners running for November, and we're still running our usual special - buy an ad banner now for next month and we'll give you the rest of this month FREE! Can't beat free advertising, folks! And it also helps us keep the site running and improving.

Also, we'd like to apologize for a little glitch earlier today. When we were implementing these new systems we accidentally flipped a bit that validated contributing members the wrong way, and was treating everyone as a free user. We've since corrected the issue and everything should be working as intended again.

As always, thank you guys for your support and loyalty! If you ever have questions, comments or ideas for the site, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. =)

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