Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

FurBuy Under DDoS Attack - Temporarily Down

Just a quick notice that FurBuy is currently under a distributed denial of service attack and will not be available until our host has been able to identify and nullify the attack's sources. It may be over in 2 hours or over in 2 weeks, DDoS is often tricky to deal with and negate, and most of the time the attack stops when the attacker gets bored or gives up. Please note that we've brought down the database server (this is exactly the reason the database server is on a separate physical machine and why it has no web access) meaning your auctions will not be going anywhere or closing during this outage.

Once we're back up, we'll extend the auction close times by 24 hours per day we're down so the auctions will continue roughly where they left off. If for any reason you want your auction close time changed outside of this uniform action, please contact us and we'll make exception for your auctions. Thanks for your support, and our apologies while we attempt to work with our provider to get this attack dealt with.
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