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The New FurBuy is Launched!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the new updated look and feel of FurBuy! We have completely revamped the entire site, improving the look, functionality, and features all around. Please feel free to take a look around the place, tell your friends about the new change, and post or bid on the auctions (of course!)

For those of you who already had an account on the old system, you do NOT need to create a new account! This is still the same site, and your account information is safe and secure, right where you left it.

The site is still under development, so expect to see more, smaller changes over the upcoming next few weeks as we tweak the site and get it completely settled in. The Message Boards are not yet online, they will be undergoing a complete overhaul shortly. Also, since the site has undergone so many changes, there is the chance for running across the occasional bug. If you find one, please Contact Us so we can get it fixed right away. We hope you like the new design. And as always, Contact Us if you have any suggestions for improvement!


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