Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

Please Read

After some significant thought and introspection about the matter, I have decided to walk away from FurBuy. I am not the right person to be running the site or dealing with the public regarding it. The massive amounts of stress that it has caused to my mental and emotional state in addition to my bank account has taken as much toll as I can deal with. I need to walk away from my investment in FurBuy in order to find some peace and comfort in life that I've been missing for a while now.

Where does that leave the site? It will remain up and running indefinitely. Maybe forever. I will still be processing critical aspects of the site like memberships, ad banners, etc. but beyond that I will no longer be dealing with disputes, doing proactive security on new user accounts, engaging the community about the site or similar. Somebody else needs to do that from now on as I've done more harm than good in those regards, and frankly it hasn't been worth the anguish for me. (Try to do something nice for people and...)

I enjoy working on FurBuy's code and feature set, and to those ends I'm looking for someone to hand administration/control of the site over to such that I can return to that aspect singularly. Interested in taking the helm of FurBuy? Let me know. My IM info is in my user profile here on LJ, or you can reply to this journal.

This is not the end of FurBuy but another new beginning. I'm giving control of the policies, design, marketing, direction and security to someone else. Until then, I'm going to walk away and lay low for the most part.
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