Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

Category Restructuring

     As part of the ever-changing nature of our site and to help accommodate a major new feature we plan to bring you in time for our Meet & Greet at Further Confusion 2013, we've started a restructure of the categories on FurBuy. These are effective immediately, and more new categories will be coming when we roll-out the big new feature that's currently in the works!

     What's Changed? The old top-level Commissions category has been tucked under Artwork : Commissions now so that artwork commissions have their very own place to live. This made sense since that category had been used almost exclusively for artwork commissions while other types of commissions were being placed (inadequately) in other categories. We've updated the main page listing section to reflect these changes and fit better in most browsers.

     What's New? Mainly that we've expanded the Fursuits category. There are now sub-categories under Fursuits that include Full Suits (GA/MA), Partial Suits (Any Content), Materials/Scraps (Any Content) and now a Fursuit Commissions (GA/MA) category. Please use the Commissions category for any unmade or unfinished fursuits and the others for finished suits and components only, please. Another minor change is that the Misc category got it's own catch-all Commissions bucket for any commissions that are NOT artwork- or fursuit-related.

     How Does This Change Effect my Current Auctions? Current auctions remain in the categories they were in before. This means that many auctions are now in categories that no longer exist for selecting when creating a new auction, and that's fine! They will still be in the top-level listings. If your auction does not yet have any bids on it, you can use Auction Control to update the category to one of the new ones any time if you like. All new auctions listed on FurBuy will use the new categories and hierarchy.

     As always, your questions, comments, feedback and feature requests are extremely useful and important to us. Many users have requested these changes over the last year or so, and after consulting with some experts we've made these changes to accommodate our buyers and sellers. So thanks again for the input, and we hope to hear from you all whenever you have feedback for us!
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