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FurBuy News - Further Confusion 2013!

     FurBuy will be at FC2013 in just over a week! We will be having a large upright ad banner near the dealer's room with artwork by the lovely and talented Lizebra to show off some of the things you can buy and sell on FurBuy. We will also be hosting a FurBuy Meet 'n Greet social hour on Sunday night at the convention at 8:30pm in the Blossom Hill I room. Sadly a few of our staff were unable to make it but at least a couple of us will be there so come down and say hi or feel free to join the discussion about online auctions. This is also a great time to come talk to us about any features you'd like to see or just broach general questions or comments on your mind.

     We will also be announcing a new site design and major new segment being released on FurBuy at FC2013! Our new design and features are built on a newer and more modern web framework and include a number of excellent HTML5 capabilities. If this new segment launch is successful and well-liked by users, we plan to convert the existing site to this new architecture and bring the awesome new features over to the auction segment. We think you'll like what we've got planned. =)

     Also, announcing our newest member of the FurBuy team! Kaboukie is our new web designer and all-around HTML5 guru. She is heading-up the site redesign, bringing it into the 21st century, including creating a new logo and look/feel for the site and branding.

Remember to Follow us on Twitter @furbuy

P.S. Here's a teaser preview of our banner for FC2013... Want to see the rest? Look for the banner at FC! ;)

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