Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

New Segment/Design Beta Status

     Just wanted to leave a quick note about where things stand with the upcoming Beta of the new site design and segment (completely new feature set). In a nutshell, development has been going slower than planned - not due to slow development but due to "feature creep". We've decided to roll more and more new features and polish into this system before bringing it to Open Beta. Which is a good thing! The downside is that we need more time in order to implement it all.

     We're already conducting internal beta testing and working on determining which of the feedback will be integrated prior to the Open Beta (public) opening of the new portion of the site. If you're interested in helping us do this private Beta testing and providing your feedback to help us improve the look, feel and functionality please contact jurann via one of the instant messenger methods in his user profile here (or his profile on FA).

     Our current timeline looks like we will attempt to move the Internal Beta into Open Beta status for the public to try out and bang on sometime in the range of Feb 20-25 - so keep an eye out here and/or on our Twitter or FurAffinity page for that information!
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