Star Seeker (jurann) wrote in furbuy,
Star Seeker

Scheduled Downtime September 29th through October 1st

We will have a scheduled downtime starting at approximately 6pm on Sunday, September 29th lasting until approximately Noon on Tuesday, October 1st. This roughly 42 hour downtime will be necessary as we transfer our server machines and other rack gear from Seattle, Washington to San Jose, California and get them setup in their new home. Please also note that since our IP addresses will be changing, it may take an additional 24 to 72 hours for your ISP's DNS records to update to the new location of our servers.

Why the move? Our current colo host is raising their prices in addition to having a limited amount of space and bandwidth available for us to upgrade. Further, we have been hitting our bandwidth cap regularly and we're launching more new services soon, so we need a heavier pipeline and to add more servers. We have also teamed-up with a few other furry server projects and will be sharing our new full rack with them in order to help reduce overall costs while increasing our speed and stability. Additionally, we are in the process of moving our business from Washington to California and it would be nice to have our equipment closer to 'home'.

What happens with auctions during this time? Auctions will continue to run as normal. Any auctions closing during the downtime or within the 24 hours AFTER the downtime will have their time extended by 72 hours automatically. If you DO NOT want your auctions extended, please ensure that you do not have any auctions closing during this period. In general, we would strongly advise against running any auctions during or around the scheduled downtime period as some bidders may need extra time to get their local DNS cache updated after the servers come back online.

Questions or feedback? Please comment!
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