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Major New Feature on FurBuy is Live!

We're incredibly excited to announce the biggest new feature addition to FurBuy in nearly 3 years now. Here's a hint: login to FurBuy to get all the details, you were sent a message about it! ;)

We have added a notification dashboard to the upper-right corner of all pages on our site which will inform you of new posts, comments, interactions and other messages for up to 30 days since your last login. You will, of course, need to login to actually get the details of those notifications.

Watching other users also now has its first useful effect: when anyone in your Watchlist posts a new auction or classified ad you will receive a notification so you can go take a look! So make sure you add all your favorite sellers so you can be the first to know when they've posted something new.

We're also thrilled to announce that we're negotiating with an amazing illustrator and web designer for a complete and professional redesign of the FurBuy website to bring it up to modern standards and make it a much bigger pleasure to use.

We have a great new admin team and a number of talented individuals who are now contributing to the effort of moving the site forward, many thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication!
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